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Thursday 13 at 20h30

14 rue Saint Denis 75001 Paris by Metro 1 Châtelet

> just for guest list or to do lightning talk

You can watch Hackito Ergo Sum in live :

–[ Monxla HES 2012 Wargame by Steven

Dear fellow hackers,

Again this year, Steven Van Acker (@StevenVanAcker) from OverTheWire has worked hard to create the HES Wargame and challenges. You can find the introductory letter below to start hacking !

Happy Hacking.

–[ Synopsis

Hello agent Hipnkewl,

As Head of the cybercrime-fighting unit of the best three-letter
agency in the world, I welcome you to the team.

To demonstrate your skills to the rest of team, we have prepared your
first assignment.

The russian Nasenko family has decided to become a crime family. Being
hip and trendy, they have figured out that an online presence is a must in today’s world.
They have set up a server where they are testing and developing the best and latest cybercrime
What they don’t know, is that we have already infiltrated their business and have a mole
inside their organisation.

Your job is to locate the information hidden by the mole and use it to take down the Nasenko server.
Details about the location of this server will be transmitted once the
mission is a go.

God speed, make us proud !

Director A.F.

–[ Rules

Only playable and opened on site, so come to try it 🙂

–[ Target

–[ EOF

Don’t forget Bring your U.S.B. for the Friday night party ! You’ll be able to plug it to the T.V. to display the medias you want or to root the T.V. Psychedelic medias are welcome !

(If you manage to find a usage for your exploit hah.)

Welcome to 2012 Hackito Ergo Sum Website.

Hackito Ergo Sum conference will be held from April 12th to the 14th of 2012 in Paris, France.

Following last edition’s success, HES2012 will continue developing and sharing a pleasant atmosphere and rich technical content, focusing on hardcore computer & network security, insecurity, vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering, research and hacking. We will do our best to help new talents and confirmed experts present their latest research.

HES is and remains an international conference, 100% in English, aiming to gather the best security researchers, hackers, experts, operationals and decision makers in Paris.

This year, we will have one country of honor, from which and for which we expect specific submission and focus. This year, it will be Russia. The goal of such dedication of HES 2012 to Russia is to bring in focus one country and its specific challenges and skills in the matter of security. Russia is indeed one such country, with extremely skilled security researchers and a creative and impressive security industry, but also extremely active malware creators and developped underground market.

You can already register or read the call for paper.