–[ Parties:

The HES crew is teaming up with The Grugq to offer you an orgy of hacking, alcohol, sweet locations and great people. Get your liver ready, it’s gonna rock !!

–[ Venue:

HES 2012 will take place in the building of the French Communist Party.
This is an amazing historical building, located in Paris (19th arrondissement).
We would like to thank the French Communist Party to allow a bunch of hackers to take possession of this greate piece of architecture for 3 days.

The exact address is:
Espace Oscar Niemeyer – Siege du Parti Communiste
2 Place Colonel Fabien, 75019 Paris, France

A map is avaiable here: http://tinyurl.com/6mlarx6

–[ Disclosure policy:

It is worth noticing that we do not enforce any disclosure policy on our speakers. We believe they are responsible adults and can chose what they believe is the best way to present their work to others by themselves. We also belive they are smart enough to take into consideration any legal and professional constraints.

–[ Fees:

We would like to remind you that, we are not a company, we are 100% benevolant. Whatever you pay is going either to reimbourse plane tickets to international speakers, boose, or renting the spot.

We try to keep the tickets as cheap as possible to ensure a venue to the greater possible number of budgets. Security Professionals pay more, unless they can prove they participated to the community by publishing or releasing an exploit in 2011-2012. In this later case, we give them a serious discount to reward their work and spirit.

Here is the list of prices for HES 2012:

* Public entrance for security professionals (3 days): 150 EUR
* Public entrance for non security professionals (3 days) 100 EUR
* Discount for Students below 26 (3 days) 50 EUR
* Discount for CVE publisher or exploit publisher in 2011-2012 (3 days) 50 EUR
* One-day pass 50 EUR
* Volunteers (Must register, see below) (3 days) 0 EUR

This year, we introduce a special Corporate ticket (which is clearly
a way to directly sponsor HES) which may (or may not!) entitle you to
special privileges such as sharing drinks with speakers:

* Corporate ticket: 300 euros.

–[ Speaker benefit:

Speakers of Hackito Ergo Sm will be entitled to the following privileges:

– Reimbursement of air-ticket for one person up to a maximum amount of USD 1000.
– 3 nights of accommodation.

–[ Book your ticket:

Seats are limited. We recommend you secure yours as early as possible.
You can book online here: http://www.amiando.com/SEQSYLV.html

Remaining tickets will be sold directly at the doors, on the day of the conference.